Frequently Asked Questions

What is BandiRun?

BandiRun is a Challenge Race Game to play online on Laptop or Phone.
It helps to keep friends in touch by having fun together.

How to Play?

Join the Race and Start Running,
Collect Apples by your way during the race.
Trade apples with friends to improve your score.
Upgrade your player's rank and defeat all friends.

What is 'Uka Uka' ?

'Uka Uka' is Super Mark you wear to help & boostup your player, so you can stay at same level range of your friends.

How to Play?

First, you have to Register and Login your game profile.

After you login game, Verify your account by following steps there.

Now you can change your Player avatar and info from here. You can pickup your player avatar from available ones, or upload your own new avatar.

You may Trade your apples in the market to win score,
You will have three offers in the market for trading apples.

First option, you will need 300 apples. not more and not less.
Second option is best and you will need 4500 apples to have the deal.

Third option is alway available, it will give lower score, but you can have deal with it anytime with any amount of apples.

Your friend (the Mask) will give you better energy to speed up your player and get higher score.
You will be given one extra Mask every 20 minutes to keep your player energy high.

You have more questions not listed here?

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